Last week I was watching a series about the beginnings of football in England and I have to say that I liked it more than I expected, since the English series at the time is not that they suit me too much. But luckily the series was more about soccer than other topics that interest me less. In the series, all members of the workers’ team worked in the world of the cotton industry, which was beginning to decline. And soccer was almost the only escape route in the region, so everyone expected the team of workers to beat the team of the wealthy who were the ones who always won, since they did not work all day in tiring jobs. and that they also trained much more than the team of workers. The main problem in the series was that the members of the Rich team were also the members of the F.A.Competition Committee. Cup and set the rules that were best for their interests and so that football did not get into the hands of the working class. For example, a player was not allowed to be paid to play soccer and that was where the main problems in the series came from. But in the end one of the members of the team of the wealthy realized that this rule only favored the teams of the wealthy and that it was not fair to the rest of the teams. In the end the committee had no choice but to yield to the pressures of the small teams and allowed the members of the small teams to be paid. And as I suppose you all know, the modest team ended up winning the F.A Cup to the chagrin of the committee members.

Not long ago I was walking down the street and I heard someone talk about la industrial algodonera and I couldn’t help but think of the football series they worked in the cotton industry. Although surely those who work in the cotton industry work in much better conditions than those who worked in the same sector in the series.